Thursday, February 23, 2012

Minecraft 1.1 Crash

When you open Minecraft launcher and try to log-in with it, the screen may go black for a few seconds and then you’ll be notified that Minecraft has crashed. From simply restarting the computer to sending an error report to the company has never worked for majority of the users. We’ll discuss the various tips and tricks to fix Minecraft 1.1 crash.
Minecraft 1.1
  • Delete Game Options File
  • Move Saved Game Files to your Desktop
  • Repair the Registry Configurations
  • Delete Bin and Resources Folders
  • Use Compatibility Mode
  • Turn Off your Antivirus 

Delete Game Options File
The user preferences and game settings are stored in a file named as Options.ini.  You’re experiencing Minecraft 1.1 crash because the game options are inappropriately modified. Do the steps given below:
  1. Click Start, select Run.
  2. Type %AppData%\.Minecraft
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Right click Options.txt file and select Delete option.
  5. Note: If you can’t find the above mentioned file into AppData directory, then try searching it in the C:\Program Files\Minecraft directory. 

Move Saved Game Files to your Desktop
You may experience Minecraft 1.1 crash if the saved game files are corrupt. Rather than deleting them move them to your desktop as below:
  1. Click Start, Run. Type %AppData%\.Minecraft.
  2. Press ENTER.
  3. Drag and move the Saves folder to your desktop.

Repair the Registry Configurations
Along with the application data stored on your hard disk, there can be some registry entries that can also making Minecraft 1.1 crash problem. Download and install a Registry Cleaner. Start full registry scan and repair all problems found.
Delete Bin and Resources Folders
From the Minecraft application data folder delete the sub folders Bin and Resources respectively. Minecraft 1.1 crash will be permanently fixed.
Use Compatibility Mode
Try running Minecraft 1.1 in the compatibility mode. Do the following procedures:
  1. Right click the desktop shortcut, select Properties.
  2. Click Compatibility tab.
  3. Select Run this program in compatibility mode for checked.
  4. Select an earlier version of Windows and click Apply | OK.
Turn Off your Antivirus
While running Minecraft 1.1 make sure that your antivirus program is closed. Use the system tray icon of your antivirus to make it turn off.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

YouTube Green Screen Fix

YouTube green screen appears when you are browsing YouTube Videos. In this situation, audio works well but your flash player is unable to render the video. Green screen might vanish by refreshing but most likely it would comeback in another session. Follow the steps given below to fix this problem. 

Disable Hardware Acceleration:

If refreshing page does not fix Green Screen, you need to adjust certain settings. Below is given procedure to disable Hardware Acceleration.

1. Close all active programs.
2. Open YouTube Video | Browse for the video
3. Right Click on YouTube Video and select Settings
4. Uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration”
5. Refresh video by pressing F5. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Flash Player:

Flash Player is used to display multimedia content on your webpage. YouTube Green error can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Flash Player. To uninstall and reinstall Flash Player, follow the steps given below.

1. Click on Start button.
2. Select Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs
3. Click on Adobe Flash Player | Uninstall
4. Follow on screen Wizard.
5. Close Control Panel and download latest version of Flash Player.
6. Start Installing Flash Player.

Uninstall Flash Player using Uninstaller:

After uninstalling through uninstaller tool, download an advanced version of flash player on your system. 

Update Device Drivers:

Presence of outdated device drivers can cause your browser to show green screen. Fix this problem by uninstalling existing driver and updating it by applying the procedure given below.

1. Close all active programs
2. Right Click on My Computer | Select Properties
3. Under Hardware Tab select Device Manager
4. Right Click on the device, note down its name.
5. Uninstall the drivers | Download latest version of driver
6. Restart your system.

Repair Windows Registry:

Registry component stores information related to all installed software and hardware configurations. Minor problem with registry can cause system crashes and other serious problems. Repair Windows registry using Reginout System Repair to fix this error.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Loadlibrary failed with error 126

Are you perplexed why the loadlibrary failed with error 126? It happens to many computer users. 

Your PC may face an error called the “Loadlibrary failed with error 126” when you attempt to launch the game or you try to install some product on your system. In fact error 126 is an application error that occurs when installed application tries to retrieve information from Dynamic Link Library that does not exist in your system.

Log ON using Administrator Privileges:

Loadlibrary error can be fixed by copying missing DLL. Follow the steps given below to copy the file.

1. Click on Start | Programs
2. Select Accessories | Command Prompt
3. Right Click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator.
4. On command prompt, type the command “ copy FileName.DLL .dll
5. Restart your system.

Reginout Download (Verisign Certificate)
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Restore Missing DLL File:

Error 126 can be due to fact that user has accidentally deleted the file. To solve this problem, restore the missing DLL file. Follow the steps given below to restore missing DLL file.

1. Go to your Desktop.
2. Locate Recycle Bin Folder.
3. Search for missing file.
4. Right click on file and select Restore.

Re-register Dynamic Link Library File:

Another way to solve loadlibrary failure is to re-register relevant DLL file. Follow the procedure given below to reregister the DLL file.

1. Close all active applications.
2. Click on Start | Run
3. Type “Regsvr32.exe” | Press Enter.

Update Device Drivers:

Presence of outdated device drivers in your system can cause loadlibrary failed with error 126. To fix this problem, uninstall outdated driver and download updated drivers. Below is given procedure to uninstall and update drivers.

1. Right Click on My Computer.
2. Select Properties | Click on Hardware | Device Manger
3. Right click on the Device | Uninstall
4. Now download updated device driver.
5. Restart your system.

Repair Windows Registry:
Windows registry is the database that contains reference to incorrect files. To fix error 126, you need to repair Windows registry. Follow the steps given below to repair registry.

1. Download and Install some reliable registry cleanup software such as Reginout.
2. Start full registry scan.
3. Fix Errors.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Youtube Chrome Crash

Browsing Youtube on Chrome browser for PC is often an irksome experience. Chrome is well-known for its crashes which become intense when we play video games or watch online videos on web sites such as the Youtube.

We are going to discuss in detail that why that happens? Whenever embroiled in this mess, the only thing that users are left with is to restart the browser or use the Ctrl > Alt > Delete keys to force shutdown the unresponsive page through the task manager.

Many users have also reported that they get this error because of issues with Chrome plugins.

Here are given a few simple tips that will help you to fix this browser crashing easily:

  • Open Chrome web browser
  • Click on Ranch Icon on right top
  • Go to Tools > Extensions 
  • Disable All extensions
  • Close browser 
  • Restart it again and enable the extensions one by one. 

If the above tips do not work type chrome://plugins/ in the URL address bar of Google Chrome web browser.

You will see a plugin called Shockwave. Disable this plugin. Now, before re-enabling the plugin do some cleaning tasks on your browser.

>> First of all download RegInOut to clear junk data from Chrome and  from your System. Also use RegInOut to optimize your browser and system speed.

>> Run registry cleaning scan with RegInOut System Utilities to repair active-X, Flash, Shockwave Flash and Chrome registry entries to properly fix Youtube Chrome crash in your PC.

>> After running the scan re-enable the Shockwave plugin in Chrome.